About The Artist

About the Artist

Brad Scott Iceland

Brad Scott - " Beautiful moments frozen in time"

Born in England and spending most of his childhood in South Lake Tahoe, CA, Brad was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by beauty. He was always fascinated by Nature and everything it had to offer. Huge mountain peaks, powerful ocean waves, glassy lakes, and deserts as far as the eye could see.

Brad competed professionally in Skiing and that took him to many places in the world, all beautiful in there own way. 

Brad picked up a camera in middle school and never looked back. Now he is always seeking out unique angles that not only show the beauty and power that he sees but also shares the feeling and emotion that he has when he captures these moments in time.

Brad has worked with National Geographic, BBC & other international brands to create content that tells a story. 

Wilderness Framed is a currated collection of Brad's best work from the last 10+ years of shooting landscape and aerial photography.

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